South Wales Wedding Photographer – About Xpect Photography

South Wales Wedding Photographer – My Story

I’m Mark, a South Wales Wedding Photographer. Born and raised in Cardiff, I was very arty throughout my school and life in general and photography always a passion as a hobby. In 2005 I began work as a second photographer with an established Wedding Photographer in Cardiff and spent 2 years learning the trade with extensive on the job training coupled with attending numerous courses, lectures and seminars, extensive research and an unending thirst for knowledge in the field of photography.

The Name Xpect Photography

In 2007 I launched my company Xpect photography. A little known fact. A lot of photographers, in fact most I would say use their names for their brand and company. So why didn’t I just become Mark Martin Photography. Well I had that idea initially until I realised that there was a very famous NASCAR driver in America with thousands of fan sites and his name was everywhere. I was never going to get my company heard above that noise so I had to opt for a company name. Xpect Photography said it simply. Photography is what you can expect and very good photography as well I hope you will agree.


I am keen on keeping fit and do a lot of running. I am not fanatical about it but I do like to stretch my legs several times a week and if the weather is good then I love to run across country or as it is known Trail Running. I am also an avid movie watcher and love to immerse myself in a good film for a couple of hours. It may sound a bit of a cliché but for the rest of the time, even when I am not working I am reading or watching lots of photography related stuff. I love photography and especially wedding photography so it just makes sense that I include it as an interest and a love beyond the working side of it.

A passion for Weddings

I believe in marriage completely, I never get tired of seeing two people crazy in love making such amazing promises and vows to each other. I can feel and taste the emotion completely which I transfer in to my photography and into photographing these amazing events and moments for the couples who put their trust in me. So I had no hesitation in changing my business to be ‘Exclusively Weddings’ and that is how it still remains to this day. I have no distractions from other genres of photography. All of my passion, my commitment and complete focus goes into photographing these amazing days in people lives when they get married.

Forever Developing Wedding Photography Techniques

It has also meant that I spend my efforts in developing and training and learning totally in the arena of wedding photography and now I consider that I am truly a Wedding Photography Specialist. I am a wedding photographer, not just a photographer who also does weddings. This makes complete sense to me. In many walks of life, just think of something where you need to invest in or trust someone. Do you opt for a general practitioner or do we go for someone who specialises? Well I opt for the specialist every time.

Why personality is key in Wedding Photography

I am a very sincere and honest person and I strongly believe in looking after people. I will always try to give more value to my customers than what they pay for. That doesn’t just make them happy, it also makes me happy and gives me great job satisfaction. Value is something that isn’t always represented by things, or items. Value can be something intangible, like going the extra mile, going above and beyond, treating my customers as the individuals that they are, not just another booking on a conveyor belt. That is also why I encourage couples to arrange an introductory meeting with me. It is the surest way to hear first hand the passion and commitment that I am going to give to you, before during and very importantly after your wedding day. So if you are looking for a Wedding Photographer South Wales, then please give us a call…