Brides preparations – Needles and Pins!

Brides Preparations – Needles and Pins! and a Stitch in Time….

Oh my heavens…it’s not as bad as you think
This post is for all the soon-to-be Brides, whose special day is fast approaching. Your Wedding Day is the day – that day – you’ve looked forward to all your life and been planning for months; in some cases for years and in a few cases, (I won’t tell the Groom!), since childhood.

I’m going to highlight below one or two potential mishaps that can befall a bride unexpectedly on the morning before the Wedding Ceremony. However….it’s vital to approach things in the right spirit. This is a day not of doom and gloom, but of great joy, so get the Prosecco open and have fun unwrapping any gifts (not the big one, that’s later!) that family and bridesmaids might give you. Psstttt…don’t drink too much or you could be bursting for the loo as you say “I do”.

Speaking for myself and, I’m sure, many other Cardiff Wedding photographers, the experience gained over the years, resultant from being present during many a Bride’s morning preparations, places a wedding photographer in a unique position when it comes to understanding what can, and does go wrong and how to prepare for unforeseen eventualities. Remember, it’s never as bad as you think.

Here’s my guide to Brides preparations – Needles and Pins! and dealing with calamity, with a short introduction as to why it’s a good thing to have your wedding photographer present for your bridal preparations.

The reason I’m there in the morning:
I like to work with couples who prefer to have their Wedding Day captured in a style known in the profession as “Documentary”. Earlier posts have covered this in detail, but essentially what this means is that photographs are taken less as posed, framed records and more as and when a good shot presents itself, with the aim of capturing the whole event and telling the full story. Thus, starting out on the morning of the day of your wedding, when the story of your life is about to enter a brand new chapter, is a natural fit with that.

In addition and complementary to this, being present in the morning also provides an opportunity to get those detailed images of your dress, jewellery, shoes etc that there won’t be time for later and which are going to look their best earlier in the day.

Primarily my task is to capture the morning’s activity, providing for you:

• Those moments which your husband, who doesn’t share this part of the day with you, and close family will always cherish having been captured

• The first pictures of you in your Wedding Dress

• That first image of your Father seeing you in your dress and ready to embark on a new life

• A beautiful picture of you with your Mum and Dad on your door-step

• Natural shots of you all smiling and laughing as everyone’s hair and make-up is done

My being around whilst you get ready won’t mean I’m in your way. As an experienced Cardiff Wedding photographer, I’ve done this many times. I am entirely self-sufficient, meaning no one needs to look after me at all, and although you may not think of it immediately, my experience can help you both to plan for things that might go wrong and, if they do, deal with them in the most effective manner.

What could go wrong?

The examples I give below have happened. In fact one example just the day before posting this article. It’s a short list, but I’m not making it up and, sorry to say, most of the examples below occur regularly. I’m sure I’ll see some of these again at some point. For now, they’re food for thought to help you plan:

• A clasp or a belt breaks on the dress – does anyone have a needle and thread? Have a drink while you look

• You don’t like your hair, or make up – don’t cry. Tears compound problems. You do have time (as hair & make up is usually done first), so grab a quick mouthful of bubbly & focus on sorting it out asap

• Someone is unexpectedly held up getting to the house – have you booked the extra time in to your planning? You have. Good. Time for a quick slurp of Prosecco then…. (The day before posting this blog I was at a wedding where due to a Lorry Crash and a Chemical Spill the roads around Cardiff were all blocked. Some of the suppliers had a lot of difficulty getting to the venue. Even the groom was delayed. All went well however as this clever bride had allowed plenty of time so the plans could absorb the delays. But boy was the fizz ever gulped down!)

• Nerves take over and you lose your composure – it’s allowed! It’s normal! There’s nothing wrong. Grab some fizz. Take five or ten minutes out.

• You drink too much too early – Oops, put the coffee on!

It’s new to you, but not for me…

For most brides, the morning before the wedding ceremony won’t have been experienced previously. You rightly hope all will go according to your carefully laid out plans of course, but more importantly, a little pre planning with regard to timings – including some scope for delays – will assist you immensely.

As a final, reassuring note; most good Cardiff Wedding Photographers that I know aren’t waiting for a chance to take pictures that reflect any temporary mishap. If things do go wrong and you get upset, I won’t be taking pictures at that time. My role in such circumstances is to stop taking photos, keep out of the way, or help only with anything I’m specifically asked to do and be ready to resume work when you are ready. If everything goes well and we have time on our hands, that simply makes for a more relaxed opportunity to get some more photos, so nothing has been lost.

I’m there to capture the best of your Wedding Day and there’s never any shortage of wonderful moments. Blog Posts coming up soon will look at how I work during other key moments in the day, but if you found this article useful, I’d love to get your feedback via the comments option below.

The morning before the ceremony always provides unexpected highlights that you’ll look back on with great joy….and just to be on the safe side, make sure you keep a needle and some cotton, some spare clasps, safety pins, double sided sticky tape and anything else you can think you may need in an emergency ready at hand for your fabulous Bridal and Groom preparations!

Let’s open the fizz then……

I would love to hear from you if you are getting married. Get In Touch for a chat about your wedding day plans. You can see more of my work by viewing some of my Case Studies.

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