Not Cousin Jack – Wedding Photographer!

Not Cousin Jack – Wedding Photographer!

Agreeing on the guests for your wedding can become a battleground. It’s often all down to numbers and, perhaps for one of you, your oldest friend from school, who you haven’t seen for ten years or more, probably won’t make the cut.

It’s heart wrenching because that guy, or gal, meant so much to you for so long and, even if they haven’t been a part of your recent life, you want them at your wedding: to celebrate, to share your greatest joy, to slap on the back, (that’s just the Grooms) and reignite a friendship at what will be the perfect moment.

It’s just not fair…it’s just as much your wedding as your partners and you want the people you want there to, well be there. Ok. Understood, let’s look at the numbers again…….

Do you take as much time and expend as much energy choosing your photographer? No worries, Cousin Jack’s good with a camera, yeah, Cousin Jack – Wedding Photographer! – he did those photos on that skiing holiday we went on, remember, they were ace. He told me two months ago he’d love to do our wedding- and it won’t cost us a penny.

Is that the way you’re thinking, because lots of couples do? Why not? Heaven knows Weddings cost an arm and a leg; you’ve already seen that Cousin Jacks’ a dab hand behind the lens, so what’s to lose. It’s a fabulous saving, what’s next?

Well, hold on there…let’s look at this from a slightly different perspective and from a slightly different starting point. A Wedding Photographer in South Wales, a good one, understands not only how to get the best images, but how to completely manage his or her day to work around your day and, crucially, to more often be in the right place at the right time, to get the BEST photos, than Cousin Jack is really ever likely to be. The upshot is that you’ll get a full range of well taken, carefully considered shots, many of which you quite probably won’t even have considered and, given that this album is almost certainly the most important you’ll ever have – and the one that generations of your family after you will still be looking at – having a photographer who will get all the, literally, hundreds of tiny considerations right, should matter.

Secondly, in terms of perspective, let’s think of your photographer as another guest. It’s highly likely they’ll be there all or most of the day, although they perhaps won’t eat and drink as much as other guests, so there’s a saving to start with! No, what I mean is you should lay as much effort on choosing your photographer as the effort you go through to arrive at a final decision on the guest list. You want the right people there. You want the best photographer there to take your pictures and safeguard your memories. Each is as important as the other and wouldn’t it be nice to see Cousin Jack, that scally-wag, in the photos rather than taking them?

The reference, albeit in jest, to a scally-wag does raise another very important issue. How are you to know which photographer to choose? Well, unless you know one in person and also know their work well enough to be sure they’ll do a good job for you, it’s going to boil down to three things:




Invariably, friends and family will put forward names of those they believe, for a multitude of reasons, will be best. That’s fine: don’t dismiss such suggestions -make a short list, but then be thorough with your subsequent research.

Take the time initially to have a good look at a variety of options. Pretty much any decent Wedding Photographer will have a portfolio of their previous work on display, normally on line, usually on their own website.

Then, get out and about too. Meet with and talk to a few professional Wedding photographers, when you do, give some thought to practicalities as much as to the quality of the images on display: What are their contingency plans for unforeseen mishaps, i.e. – if they are ill or have an accident a day before your wedding, what plans are in place to make sure your booking is honoured? How fit do they seem to you, because a long day behind the camera at a Wedding requires great physical and mental stamina? Have they had a lot of work recently? Where? Can you seek references from previous clients? What do other non-photographer exhibitors at wedding fairs think of them? You’ll be surprised how much useful information can be gleaned from one or two casual enquiries of that nature.

Lastly, what about reliability – and that old indiscernible quantity: trust. Ask yourself this: Do you really warm to them? Can you see subsequent conversations, negotiations and the undoubted repeated requests that you’ll make of them and they’ll make of you, being conducted in a friendly spirit with your best interest at the heart of everything? NO…don’t book ‘em. YES…all things considered, they’re probably the one for you and you can feel confident about why! Book them, smile, breathe and….relax.

Oh, but two secs… just double check….we have invited Cousin Jack, haven’t we?

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