Wedding photography questions

Welcome to my Frequently asked questions page. This page is a work in progress as more questions and answers will be added as time passes.

If you have a question then press the link to the right and ask away. The more information and help we can list on this page the better for you all. I hope you find it helpful. Thank you.


What happens during a consultation?

The purpose of the consultation is for us to meet and for you to see my work for real. You can see albums and photographs.

It is also a good opportunity for you to ask questions and to test me. I always recommend that you make a list of questions. Quite often couples say that they had loads of questions but can’t remember the them. The list helps.

One thing that won’t happen is heavy sales techniques. Of course I would love you to book on the day of the consultation but that is your decision. If you prefer to go away and chat and think about it then that is totally expected and supported. All I ask is that you let me know either way once you have decided.

Do you use heavy sales techniques?

Absolutely not. Anyone who tries to sell me something I don’t want and I am out of the door. This is too important a decision to be forced. My prices are totally transparent and I do not undertake any up-selling practices. Basically you have peace of mind that when you have paid for your photography or your album that there will be no nasty shocks. Guaranteed!

Do you also provide individual quotes for wedding?

Yes of course. Every wedding and every couple are different. My price for all day wedding photography is ideal for most weddings. If you think that you want to discuss your plans and ideas and get a specific quotation for your wedding then that is no problem, simply complete the contact form and I will contact you asap.


How do we make a booking?

Simple, payment of the booking fee secures you wedding photography. I can take Debit and Credit Card payments. You can pay by bank transfer or cash.

Once you have paid the 25% booking fee then you can tick another item off your ‘To Do’ list as your date will be secured in my diary.

If I book the photography now, can I get an album later?

Of course. If you want to secure your wedding photography now but want to spread your budget a bit, perhaps order the album after your wedding then that is perfectly fine and many couples choose this option.

What is the advantage of including the album at the time of booking the photography

Freezing your investment. Basically anything ordered at the time that you book your wedding and you pay your booking fee, the price of the album is frozen. Ideal if you are getting married over a year a way as you can secure the price of your album now. You don’t have to pay all of the album cost now but it becomes part of the booking fee which is 25% of the total Investment.


How many images can I have in my album?

I don’t charge per image. I only charge for the cost of the album. I give couples an advisory amount depending on the size of the album they purchase. The amount I recommend I know from experience will be the ideal number for their album, not too many that it looks like a scrap book, but not too few that the album will look empty. If however I recommend a couple pick say 140 images for the premium album and they tell me that they can’t get their choices down below 180 for example, then the important fact to note is that there is no extra charge. I will put the images in, but I will explain that there may be some compromises in my ability to design the layout and feature the best images large.

Can we make changes to the album design?

Yes. The album is for you and your family to enjoy for the rest of your lives. You can have a big input into the design.

Once you have chosen the images to go into your album I will set about designing the first layout. This is called ‘The Proof’ and I will send you that as a PDF file by e mail for you to review.

Quite often couples are more than happy with my layout design and instruct me to go ahead and have the album printed.

Some couples suggest changes and I am happy with that. I can’t tell you the amount of times that I have made the suggested changes and been amazed at how that has improved the album. I am proud of my design skills but I don’t have exclusivity to great ideas and design ideas.

On a few occasions the amount of amendments that couples want to make mean that it is impracticable to do this by e mail back and forth. In those few instances I will invite the couple to sit with me at my Computer and we will go through the album where they can have a direct input and I can make the changes in front of them. This has only happened 3 times since I started my business but I am one of only a very few photographers to offer this level of input to my clients.

That should give you peace of mind that you will get the album that you are going to love and cherish.

Can we choose from a selection of covers for our album?

You certainly can. I use Graphistudio in Italy for my albums and books. As far as I am concerned they are world leaders in Album and book production.

They provide a 3D configurator so different covers and looks, colours and materials can be viewed on a 3D viewer.

On the day

How long do you stay?

As my work involves telling your story then I like to be present during the whole day. That is from preparations to first dance. I do ask couples to have completed their first dance by 9 pm at the latest so that I can get back and start backing up their precious wedding images. If there is a specific reason you need me to stay longer then please have a chat with me and tell me your plans.

Do you only do Documentary wedding photography?

I am a passionate documentary wedding photographer. However, it is extremely rare that a wedding won’t have some group photographs or some bride and groom portraits. I love getting those amazing photographs of you both looking your best, with the wedding dress all set out and looking it’s best. So while the emphasis is on getting you back to your family and friends, there is also time to get those fabulous bride and groom portraits and some group photographs as well. This is certainly something we can discuss in more depth during a consultation.

After the Wedding

How long do you take to get the images back to us?

Depending on how busy I am this can vary from 2 to 6 weeks. In truth I have never taken more than 2 to 4 weeks to get the images to the couple but it is important that I give you realistic time frames. At quieter times of the year I can have images back to couples in 1 to 2 weeks. What I never want to do is to provide images that haven’t been post processed to the highest standard. When you get your images they will have had a lot of care and attention paid to them which I am sure you would prefer as opposed to some rushed poorly prepared wedding photographs.

Can we get prints from you.

I have mentioned earlier that I never want to make unnecessary costs to my customers. Of course if you would like me to handle your print orders then I am happy to do that but of course I would need to add a mark up to cover my time. What I prefer to do is to direct my customers to a great place where they can get fantastic prints at a great price. All part of the service, and part of my commitment to my customers that when they have paid for their wedding and their album that I will not seek to up sell to them.

General Questions

Do we get Copyright of the images?

This is definitely a frequently asked question. There is usually some confusion over this as couples think without copyright that they can’t print their images or they can’t share them with their family and friends.

This is not the case. Copyright remains with the photographer purely so that they can protect the standard of their work. Couples get a full license to print and share their photographs freely.

The only things that are not permitted are to change or edit the images or to sell them.

It is important that I protect the reputation of my work. They will be edited to a very high standard before you receive them so there is no real need for anyone to want to edit them further.

Selling, well of course you are not going to sell to your family or friends. What this restricts is the selling of the wedding images to other companies such as advertising companies who would then make money from using them. If anyone shows an interest in your wedding images on a commercial level then I would ask that you direct them back to me.

You will find that this information is the same across the board with all reputable wedding photographers.

There is nothing to be frightened about by not having copyright. You don’t really need it. None of my hundreds of customers have ever come back to me saying they need actual copyright of the images.

If you wish to discuss this further then please give me a call on 07840 947517 or Get In Touch

Got a Question?

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