Rebecca & Damian

Canada Lodge and Lake Wedding


Rebecca and Damian held their Canada Lodge and Lake Wedding in the Autumn of 2016. Rebecca had her preparations at her home before setting off to the ceremony which was held at Llantrisant Church. This stunning Church is situated on top of a hill with a commanding view across the valley and Llantrisant below. Set amongst the beautiful cottages and buildings of the Old Town it is certainly worth a visit even if you are not getting married.

Christians have worshiped on this site for over 1300 years. The Church is thought to have been built in Norman Style around 1246. The Church is listed by CADW. Amongst the many wonderful features of the Church, the one that particularly stands out is the Baptistry. This provides the facility for Adults to be baptised by total immersion. The oldest item in the Church is the Resurrection Stone,  a Celtic Wheel and Cross thought to date back to the 7th Century

The Reception – Canada Lodge and Lake Wedding

After the Ceremony everyone made their way to Canada Lodge and Lake. This very unique Wedding Venue is hidden away in the Welsh Countryside and certainly gives the feeling of having left the World behind when you go there. I don’t think the reference to Canada in the name isn’t by chance. You definitely feel as though you could be in the Canadian countryside as well.

The weather on the day wasn’t playing nice and heavy rain began to fall as we started the photographs. During a wedding I think rain offers opportunities when it comes to photographing unique romantic bride and groom photographs . The use of umbrellas on a rainy day can provide lovely photographs. Some cultures consider rain on a wedding day to be lucky. It is thought to symbolise cleansing and fertility! who’d have thought it? So perhaps it is best to think positive and make the best of the opportunities if it rains. This is the UK after all and rain is our ever present companion.

Winter Weddings – Canada Lodge and Lake Wedding

There are obvious and disadvantages but there are also many advantages to a Winter Wedding. Choose clothing that will keep you warm. Wedding dresses can often be complimented by shoulder wraps or special jackets. Have your ceremony no later than 1 pm to provide your photographer with plenty of opportunity to get your photographs completed before it gets too dark. After your reception and speeches why not work with your photographer to get some dramatic photographs after the sun has gone down. Night time photography offers something unique and dramatic to your wedding day photography. You can see some examples in the photographs that follow.