Oxwich Bay engagement photos

Oxwich Bay engagement photos

As Wedding photographers South Wales, for this engagement photo shoot I met up with Jessica and Ian at The Oxwich Bay Hotel on The Gower as this was their wedding venue and I hadn’t photographed at this venue previously. Planning the engagement shoot here meant that we were able to use the time to walk around the venue and discuss their plans. We could chat about their wedding photography and look at the options that were available. It was also a chance for them to tell me of their wishes, what wedding photographs they hoped for.

Once we had done that we began their pre wedding photo shoot. The weather was fine and dry with a slight breeze and intermittent sunny spells. Contrary to popular belief, bright sunshine is not always the perfect scenario for photographs. For example, I like to shoot into the light, in other words I like the sun to be behind my customers. In this way they are not squinting, their faces are evenly lit without harsh contrast shadows and most importantly for the look I like to get, the sun creates a beautiful halo around hair with the edges showing up a golden light diffusing through. You may notice this is something I utilise a great deal in my photography.

The down side is that very often, buildings / Wedding Venues are designed to be South Facing to maiximise the sunshine. Just like our own homes. We all love a South facing garden don’t we? Well now in order to photograph Jessica and Ian with the Venue behind means that they would be facing directly into the Sun which is not ideal for my style of photography. Including the Oxwich Bay Hotel as part of the backdrop to this pre wedding photo shoot was not required however as it was felt that we should leave that kind of photo exclusively for the wedding day itself. You can see some examples of how we did by checking out their Wedding Photographs.

For their pre wedding photos I was going to provide them with a mix of close up and full length images, walking and talking, standing, hugging, sat chatting, enjoying the scenery and some sat at tables within the grounds of The Oxwich Bay Hotel. I also hoped they would be okay to walk where the sand was a bit damp so we could get some reflection shots as well. Where I could not have the sun behind them I found areas of shade provided by the sea wall to keep the light soft and even.

The pre wedding photo shoot is an ideal opportunity to provide some direction to my couples about how to stand together for photos etc. I do keep this to a basic level however as with so much to deal with with planning their wedding it is unlikely that they will be able to recall too much. But what it does help with is that on the wedding day, if I gesture or mention something I need them to adjust then they remember and it helps them to look their absolute best.

A bit about Oxwich Bay. Situated at the South of The Gower peninsula, Oxwich Bay is accessed via the village of Oxwich which itself is a beautiful place. The bay includes a 2.5 mile long beach. There is access to water sports facilities and inland from the beach are features such as salt marshes, dunes and woodland. A gorgeous place to visit. The Oxwich Bay Hotel is situated right on the beach and is an amazing South Wales Wedding Venue.

Remember to check out Jessica and Ians’ Wedding Photographs. You can see more of my work by viewing more Case Studies or viewing my Portfolio.

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