What loving, emotional, funny, caring words will you be saying to each other on your wedding day?

Imagine the words that matter the most…

A subtle but powerful experience: a PhotoFilm blends your amazing wedding photographs with sound. With actual words spoken and recorded on your wedding day. The PhotoFilm creates a beautifully unique and personalised record of the occasion and tells your story in a way that allows you to feel the emotion in every moment.

A PhotoFilm offers an Audio and Visual record of your wedding day: both in our unobtrusive approach to photography and sound recording and also in then creating a film, using photo stills, voices and real sounds from your day, presented in a manner that fully engages your senses and emotions.

Most couples have a Wedding Photographer at their wedding. Some have video as well but many find that having both a bit scary. For whatever reason not everyone one has a Video record of their day. It could be that they don’t want to be on film or that the cost of both is not something they can financially manage. Wouldn’t having the sound captured be a fabulous alternative? But photography doesn’t record sound right! Well now as your wedding photographer I can record your wedding day in sound as well as photographs.

Memories are triggered by our senses. Sight, Sound, Smell, touch and taste. Well the last three can’t yet be reproduced but the first two certainly can. Your wedding photographs will bring back the most wonderful memories as you look at them. Now having the ability to include the sound and words from your day will double your experience and the effectiveness of remembering. You can be completely transported back in time to experience the best moments of your wedding day in an intensely meaningful fashion.

For over 12 months I prepared and trained in capturing audio and video, practising and investing in new equipment that now allows me to bring to you the Photofilm. Your wedding photographs set to the sounds and words of your wedding day. This is a wonderful option for couples looking for a record of their wedding that captures the joy and intensity of the occasion, but is captured on the day in a subtle unobtrusive style that has a very low impact on their wedding. Being unobtrusive helps retain all of the enchantment of the romance that underpins your special wedding day.

You can now get to hear the words spoken on the day of the wedding and the sounds of the voices of those present; your vows, the kind humour in the delivery of a speech, or the warm sincerity in a toast; all presented in harmony with carefully selected photographs and beautiful music that is interwoven between and underscores the memories.

The Wedding Photo Film also creates a fabulous legacy for both the bride and groom and for future generations. One day in the distant future, not only will your loved ones be able to see photographs of your wedding day, now they will be able to experience the sounds and hear your voices as you made your vows to each other.

If you are looking for a more reflective record of your wedding day that will heighten your senses as it transports you back in time, please discuss how Xpect Photography can create exactly that for you, with our Wedding Photo Film service.

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