St Fagans, Engagement photos.

St Fagans, Engagement Photos

Carly and Edward were married on New Years Eve 2014. We met a month or so earlier for their engagement or pre wedding photo shoot. We chose the wonderful location of St Fagans on the Western outskirts of Cardiff City in South Wales.

St Fagans is a museum chronicling life in Wales and includes a vast number of historical building which were literally moved stone by stone from their original locations, to be rebuilt again exactly as they were but within the grounds of St Fagans. St Fagans Castle and grounds were donated by The Earl of Plymouth in 1946, leading to the opening of the museum in 1948. It is fascinating to visit and see the way life used to be for people in Wales and of course the buildings they used to live in or use. There are shops stocked with historical items. My favourite is a Tailors shop with original clothes from the original shop. Completely amazing to see and experience.


The Earl of Plymouth

I arranged to meet Carly and Edward just as the museum was opening so that there would be less members of the public around. I was already familiar with the grounds as I visit the museum myself frequently. As Wedding Photographers South Wales, locations like this are a real dream.

As a Cardiff Wedding Photographer, my goals during pre wedding or engagement photo shoots are as follows. These shoots are an ideal way for Wedding Photographers to forge a closer relationship with their customers. The benefits of this are that when photographing the wedding itself, the customers feel easier knowing their wedding photographer better. When wedding couples are relaxed with their wedding photographer then the wedding photographs will be much nicer for them and will reflect lovely memories instead of uncomfortable ones. Any photograph that is connected with a bad experience or memory is no good to anyone.

Another goal during the shoot is to exploit the location as fully as possible. This means trying out various locations around the grounds, not just staying in one spot. Variety comes in other ways as well, such as directing different styles of photos, walking, sitting, standing and so on.


So what do Carly and Edward get out of this engagement shoot? Well both were a little nervous about having their photographs taken. They had individual issues about certain personal features that they were worried about. This is the same for most if not all people but the photo shoot gave them an opportunity to talk about their concerns and for me to address them and advise them. They gained a lot of confidence in readiness for their wedding day. Seeing the images from the shoot made them more relaxed about their wedding photography. Me and all other photographers can talk to our clients and reassure them. But for clients who are more worried then a pre wedding photo shoot can allay any fears they may have prior to their wedding. On the flip side, if the clients aren’t particularly happy with the results of the engagement shoot then there is time for them to speak to their wedding photographer about their thoughts and to perhaps try again or identify what it was that made them unhappy about the pictures so that it could be remedied prior to the wedding day.

As it was Carly and Edward were happy with their portraits and of course that was music to my ears. Another goal, one perhaps not really needing to be mentioned is to give the couple a great set of portraits. These will most likely be the last professional portraits that the couple will have before tying the knot on their wedding day. So quite an important event in itself really. I learnt a lot from this photo shoot for my own benefit which I took forward with me when I photographed Carly and Edwards wedding. While I was very happy with the results, I could see which photos worked better than others for example and this was extremely valuable information to take with me on the wedding day. I definitely on at least 2 or 3 occasions during the wedding made decisions based on information gleaned from the pre wedding photo shoot.

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