Top 10 tips to look for in a wedding photographer

Top 10 tips to look for in a wedding photographer

When choosing a professional wedding photographer it can be difficult to know what to look for. So whilst on your search it is important to know what qualities make a great wedding photographer. Beyond a photographer’s portfolio, it is vital that you feel at ease with the person that will be immortalising your wedding. After all, the wedding photographer will be greatly involved in your day, and will be responsible for preserving your wedding day for years to come.


Although there are other qualities to search for besides the quality of the photographs, they are what you’ll be left with after the day is done. Therefore, the quality and presentation of your images is important when it comes down to commemorating your wedding.

2. Experience

The difference between a professional photographer and any other person taking photographs, is that the photographer will quite often have years of experience behind them. This will ensure that the photographer knows what they’re doing on the day to make things run smoothly, and make sure that your precious wedding photographs are properly stored and edited before being delivered to your door.

3. Determination

You will want a wedding photographer that does whatever it takes to get those special shots. That doesn’t mean they’ll rudely intrude on your day. They will be able to keep their utmost concentration from start to finish to ensure that they capture as much of your day as possible.

4. Artistic

Photography is an artistic profession. It is all about capturing the right moment, at the right angle, in the right light. Hence, it would be great to get a photographer who has an artistic vision that can be used to capture amazing images that will memorialize your special day.

5. Sociable 

A photographer should be able to seamlessly fit in well with the guests and be polite, kind and pleasant. Nobody wants a photographer who is rude and ruins that atmosphere on your wedding day!

6. Patient

Being a wedding photographer takes a lot of patience. Weddings rarely go exactly to plan. So, when it comes to organising the equipment, people and their position, photographers require the patience to keep everything running smoothly even when people are either being emotional, frantic or unhelpful.

7. Professional

A wedding photographer holds a lot of responsibility. They need to be organised and have systems and practices in place to ensure they can cope and be prepared for any eventuality. For example if a piece of equipment breaks down that they should have an immediate replacement on hand.

8. Enthusiastic

Being a wedding photographer is a very time consuming and stressful job. Even once the wedding is over, a photographer can spend countless hours editing and preparing the images. Therefore, it is pivotal for a photographer to be enthusiastic and passionate about their profession to truly know that the preservation of your wedding day is in good hands.

9. Prepared

How the wedding day will plan out it is ultimately unknown. Anything could happen; there could be delays, people could get lost, or the weather could suddenly change (as is the typical British weather). For these reasons, a photographer who is prepared for every situation, whether it’s sunny or stormy, is critical if those emotional moments are to be captured forever.

10. Skill

A wedding photographer has a very difficult job to perform. Imagine working complicated technical equipment that have half-a-dozen specific settings that have to be frequently changed to make sure that the right images can be captured. On top of that, the photographer is constantly working in a stressful environment that requires them to capture moments that only take seconds to miss but hours to prepare for. Whilst trying to do all that, they have to sometimes organise and find people for groups, as well as carry around heavy equipment with them all day. This kind of profession requires great skill and isn’t for the faint hearted.

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